Monday, May 16, 2011

VOMITORY - Opus Mortis VIII CD review

Metal Blade Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Speaking for myself I listen to the various forms of extreme metal to take the place of venting my frustrations upon others, especially if I've had a shitty day at work. Some people like to go to bars to drink and bitch. Others take out their frustrations on their innocent family members. For me it's music which releases the tension and death metal is perfect for me to calm down to when I come home from work with a case of the ass. Case in point, I had to deal with this asshole a few times during the day. It wasn't for the whole day but just enough times that it kinda ruined the whole fuckin day if you know what I mean and I bet you do. Luckily I had this laying around to blast loudly when I got home and let the music help release some of the anger that was seething within me. Seriously if you don't let it out then you'll be climbing up upon your roof with a rifle and start unleashing lead poisoning on the people walking below. After the authorities finally kill your ass, they always do, then the investigators will come into your home. There they will find the VOMITORY CD sitting next to the stereo. Of course that will open a whole fucked up can of worms with accusations and suspicions thrown around. Better to just listen to the music right.

VOMITORY has long been one of the pills I've taken over the years to stave off the anger. 1996's Raped in Their Own Blood, 2002's Blood Rapture and 2007's Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize, these are all unadulterated brutal classics in Swedish Death Metal. Now that's not just in my not so humble opinion but the majority opinion of death metal fans the world over. I will go on to state that their other four full lengths have their own bits of greatness. Yeah I'm bias, fuck you. Over the years VOMITORY's critics, although few but definitely whiny bitches in some music media outlets, have complained that the band is too consistent and lacks progressiveness. Look here cookie pusses if the drug works then why fuck with the formula? Let me put it another way. I'd rather stick with a consistently great fuck than run around experimenting with the "next big progressive thing" which the whiny types have to shove up their asses and spin upon in order to feel "special". Be that as it may VOMITORY's latest and eighth full length Opus Mortis VIII is another good pummeling provided by these Swedes.

No atmospheric openers to tease the listener, just a quick bass intro by Erik Rundqvist and then all hell breaks loose with "Regorge in the Morgue". VOMITORY's consistency to do that is exceptional but they can still drop in a standout surprise or two. This release is no all out kill spree since the band has slowed things down a bit adding more cuts with mid pace thrash riffs and doom structures. "The Dead Awaken" is a perfect example as the band throw multiple speed tempos at you within the song. "They Will Burn" jumps out of no where with a galloping headbanger of a riff. Yeah that will be a great cut for Euro Fest crowds to go nuts to when they do it live. Raise the horned fist to no pretentious bullshit metal. "Hate in a Time of War" has SLAYER written within it's riffs and a slashing solo all beaten upon by the utter heaviness of these Viking heirs. Yeah production wise this is much heavier then their past couple of releases. A song like "Torturous Ingenious", which is classic Swedish brutal DM, sounds like it has weights attached to it. Even the melodic solo break leaves a deep scar. "Forever Damned" is the standout track which will get into your head like some sick parasite and never leave. Guitarists Peter Ostlund and Urban Gustaffson go on a rampage, Erik Rundqvist vocals are like those of a cave beast and Tobias Gustafsson is just pulverizing on the drums and fills the gaps not letting one drop of power escape.

When this release ends with "Requiem for the Fallen" it closes another chapter in VOMITORY's history book of brutality. It's especially sinister when Erik Rundqvist growls the words "This is where your life ends" seconds from the last note being beaten out of the song. Perfect but of course they'll be back and I won't have to worry if VOMITORY will return with a Cold Lake or Load. Remember fuckers they started back when Swedish Death Metal was exploding upon extreme metal listening audiences. They were releasing demos, garnering underground support and kept on until released their debut full length came out in 1996. By that year the Swedish DM scene had changed or mellowed out but that didn't stop VOMITORY. They just plowed through and fans of the extreme followed the path of dead burnt bodies to this point in time. Opus Mortis VIII doesn't rank up there with the earlier mention classics this band has wreaked havoc upon the world with but it's in the pack which is right behind em. Remember friends any time any place any where, if you can't convert em? Then kill them brutally.



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