Monday, May 16, 2011


Self Released
Genre: Post Black Something or Other
Rating: 4/5

I tend to look at post black metal in two ways. The first and one I care for is when the band or artist in inviting the listener to an exercise in shape shifting. The other reminds me of a spilled glass of wine on a table with most of it's contents dripping over the edge. This two act split release touches on both of those aspects. Both acts turn in one cut a piece also exceeding the nine minute mark. The first act, ECHANCRURE, hails from France. Their contribution on here, "L'Irréparable", kinda reminds me of that famous Gaston Leroux novel. The theme is horrific and yet only a minute in things turn to sorrowful beauty. The song starts out with blackened style tremolo picked riffs but quickly turns into a melancholy passage of keyboards. The vocals are of a tortured narrative and in a caustic sounding French dialect. The guitars reappear for a time just to enhance the agony. If misery was the objective then ECHANCRURE achieved it. ATRABILIS, who hail from Spain, contribute more of an industrial ambient number with "Sexta parte". Their goal throughout is pure unsettling noise done with gloomy repetition and vocal agony. They do give way to a droning break around halfway in but not enough to catch your already weathered senses. This is an ambient drone horror soundtrack to a Poe novel. I believe listening to this has given me a few more gray hairs.


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