Sunday, May 22, 2011

RUINS - Chambers of Perversion CD review

RUINS - Chambers of Perversion CD
Negative Existence
Genre: Blackened Thrash
Rating: 4/5

When it comes to the first era of Thrash while most people will cite the early works by the US Big Four as the epitome of it all, I'm more inclined into selling my soul to the Teutonic forces of evil, aka: SODOM and DESTRUCTION. Even to this day when it comes to newer Thrash acts I still lean towards bands who have more of a old school German influence then West Coast Thrash. Simply put, with the exception being SLAYER, the Germans were creating some down right evil fuckin shit. Now since the lion's share of US Thrash revival acts take influences from West Coast giants of the past (mainly SLAYER, EXODUS and TESTAMENT) it seems likely that a German band like RUINS would look to their own home grown Thrash legends. RUINS even dub their sound "blackened speed metal" just like DESTRUCTION. There's also a modern harshness to this release not unlike what TOXIC HOLOCAUST has been doing plus RUINS is also a one man band, whose only previous full length effort was titled Satanic Bitchpenetration from 2008.

Chambers of Perversion originally was released last year as a 10"er but quickly sold out since it was limited to 250 copies. So now Negative Existence Records has thankfully re-issued it on CD which includes some very memorable cover art work by Mark Riddick. OK memorable is putting it lightly since the cover depicts a satanic goat stabbing a zombie Jesus with an inverted cross while he's enjoying some fellatio with a few dead babies looking on. I'd say that's some down right evil fuckin shit then comes the music which is primitive fast blasts. So fast that repeated listenings is mandatory. Think SODOM, think DESTRUCTION, think you'll play this every day for a month early in the morning with your windows open. You think your neighbors talk about you now? Let em deal with this blasphemous rage for a month. I can't wait to hear what this guy comes out with next.



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