Monday, May 9, 2011

BULLET - Highway Pirates CD review

BULLET - Highway Pirates CD
Black Lodge Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3/5

Sweden's BULLET are far from being newcomers to the new found spirit of the 80's metal sound revival. They've been cranking out their brand of ACDC meets ACCEPT for a decade now and have a few full lengths and an EP to show for it. This is their third full length and there's a split EP with ENFORCER coming out soon from Earache. If you're an older metal fan from back when, which I am, then you just can't help but love this throw back to another era sound flow out of your speakers. It's just too fuckin cool and I wanna beer. Highway Pirates is obviously a horrible title but it, along with the cover photo, all fits into the retro perspective. Ten cuts with only a few passing the four minute mark, all of which are the 80's radio ready anthems and set for video on VH-1's Metal Mania. I could see a video made for a cut like "Fire and Dynomite". I can't believe I was actually banging my head to it. Anyway there's not much more I could rattle off about BULLET. Evidently the countrymen like it since it's shot to #3 on their music charts, shot like a bullet?




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