Sunday, May 22, 2011

FLAME - March Into Firelands CD review

FLAME - March Into Firelands CD
Hells Headbangers
Genre: Blackened Thrash
Rating: 5/5

If ever you want some extreme metal that's as hot, blackened and necro as the hearth of a satanic whorehouse then go to Finland. This amazing nation that's situated with a quarter of it's landmass above the Arctic Circle in northern Europe's right corner has always been the home of the over the fuckin top extreme. OK there are a few exceptions but rarely have I ever used the word "weak" when it comes to Finnish extreme metal. It is from this place the band FLAME resides and has released this uber blackened thrash masterpiece. Am I speaking hyperbole once more? You damm right I am because one look at the label and you know it's going to be bestial for fans and dedicated to giving jaded losers the frights. Looking for something progressive? Fuck you hippie! March Into Firelands is so freakin hot I could use it to brand your face. Think of HELLHAMMER and HORNA tag teaming a thrash slut in the bowels of Hell with Satan waiting for sloppy thirds. Now that's definitely hotter then two rats fucking in a sack.

Even though this is their sophomore release, their debut being 2005's Into the Age of Fire, FLAME are not young Finnish deviants just making a loud fast racket. The band started out as a side project by former BARATHRUM and URN members. There's two bands familiar with vomiting your soul onto the floor just to let their cloven hooves dance upon it. On here they've created an evil aura that's covers your body almost as if someone doused you with hell spawned filth. If that's too much for your puny brain to figure out then look at the cover art. The release is balanced out with fast blast beat driven thrashers and mid-paced diabolical cuts which creep along like blood on a floor. The production, courtesy of Necromorbus, is the key to this beast. You don't have to "feel it", you are thrust into a realm of reds and black imagery. Special consideration goes to Blackvenom's evil as fuck sounding vocals which leave welts on your skin.

From start to finish this release is superb. "Black Realm of Satanas" just jumps right out at you as if you've awakened up in the rightfully named place. As the release progresses along its as if you're treated to every sort of unpleasantness performed sadistically by these hell bound torture merchants. Stare at the cover art as the song "Burning Horror" blasts out of your speakers. Soon enough you'll see your own image in the picture. The further along the release goes the more the picture becomes your reality. Early BATHORY and MAYHEM influences come to bear on songs like "Rites of Endless Hatred" and "Destructive Saint" as well as the final cut "Gateway to the Birth of Lunacy". All in all this is a tremendous effort of chaos driven fright. A perfect release for the whole family especially if you hate them and wanna see em disappear.



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