Monday, May 9, 2011

HOT GRAVES - Necros Mixos Sacraficio CDEP review

HOT GRAVES - Necros Mixos Sacraficio CDEP
Satanik Recordings
Genre: Crust
Rating: 3/5

This is an all covers release by a Florida three piece who have crusted up some of their favorite songs. As far as their selection you could argue what they do isn't much of a stretch. For example covering "War = Death" by THE ACCUSED or DISCHARGE's "What Do I Get?" doesn't mean much when a Crust band is covering em especially when you would rather just play the originals. It's when they branch out into different realms to freak you out with a cut they make their own. That's when things get interesting on Necros Mixos Sacraficio. Their take on PENTAGRAM's "Madman" is pretty damm good. Then there's "White Faces" by ROKY ERICKSON which shows that these guys are not closed minded when it comes to music. There's also covers of cuts by MIDNIGHT, FLOOR and a GWAR/CANNIBAL CORPSE medley. But this thing is worth it just for the songs I mentioned.



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