Friday, February 3, 2012



Self Released

Genre: Death Metal

The very best thing about doing SFM666 is learning about these cool bands from all over the world who you never hear about (the mainstream metal media is always slow) let alone know of their incredible scenes. I checked Youtube for anything on this Bulgarian Death Metal act and found a cool live video from one of their shows. I'm including it at the end of this review since it's a must watch. Just looking at the audience going crazy reminds me of good times from my past at shows (not like that around here any more) as well as showcasing the effect this band has on a crowd.

D.E.A.T.H is this band's second full length, their first being 35 Minutes of Skull-Smash-Terror Metal which came out in 2007. Sorry I never heard it. As far as this one goes COPROSTASIS, who originally started out in 2002, creates a brand of death metal with a sound more akin to old school US acts than that of their closer neighbors. Sound wise it's close to the first albums by OBITUARY and DEATH (minus Chucky's guitar theatrics) plus a Midwest death metal act to be named later. Although this band is a three piece They do lay down a formidable sound with chunky load bearing riffs. There's the obligatory slow-mo grooves which meet mid-paced blasts, cookie monster vocals, all perfect for old school slam dancing of course.

The most uncanny thing about this band's release is their sick sense of humor. Pardon my ignorance upon modern Eastern European social norms but I would not of thought that a band from there would be cranking out short fast blasts like "Porno In Purgatory", "Let Me Eat Your Meat" or "Death Metal On Drugs". Then again it's amazing what you learn doing this webzine, especially when you're willing to admit it. The rest of their material is not not over the top then again it stays away from all the pretentious brutal for brutality's sake kind of crap which has become a staple in the genre of late. They actually sound like they're having fun so I'm guessing they must put on a great show. This release might not be available through the usual outlets so interested parties might wanna dig for it. Definitely worth it.



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