Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scum News: Electric Wizard Set To Release New Single

ELECTRIC WIZARD, a band who has been relatively quiet in the aftermath of giving us all that turd Black Masses in 2010, will release a new 7” single on March 31 entitled Legalize Drugs And Murder. And which will be for sale at an exorbitant price a week later on Ebay.

The single, the first of a series being planned, (aka: Sub Pop Singles Club Redux) was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales and features the title track and a B-side called ‘Murder And Madness’.

Band leader Jus Oborn says “We’ve started recording the new album but basically I can’t see it getting finished before the end of the year. So we thought rather than giving it a year before anyone gets some new songs, let’s put out some 7”s as we go along.”

On the tracks Jus added, “We’ve aspirations of it being like "Paranoid" or "Sweat Leaf", a real classic anthem. The title is a hail to the fans and part of our whole ethos.”

Meanwhile Murder And Madness, according to Osborn is “experimental” and “oppressive”. (?)

“We’re always watching horror movies and we thought we’d have a stab at a gothic horror 70s thing, Italian-style. It’s a real oppressive number, it’s got a very ‘turning-the screws’ feeling.”

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