Wednesday, February 22, 2012

EREVOS - Descensus Ad Inferos CD review

EREVOS - Descensus Ad Inferos CD

Orkestral Promenade Productions

Genre: Black Metal

The legacy of the Greek black metal scene is that the prominent bands always had a unique take on the genre. Think of bands like ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, DEVISER, old SEPTIC FLESH and ASTARTE as well as my favorite anti human friend DODSFERD. All of these bands took outside influences (who doesn't?) and melded them with their own heritage. I could name more who really pushed the uber Greek heritage thing but I'm not gonna go pull em all out. I'm making that point because EREVOS is from Greece and their sound on here is cliche symphonic black metal with other baggage which I'll get to later. Yes I know symphonic black metal is pretty cliche to start with but this band goes one further by having a chick on keyboards. Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against women in metal. Hell I blushed the first time I met Doro. Then I asked what her policy was with male groupies and she blushed. But having a female keyboardist in a symphonic black metal is a page out of Hot Topic. At least this woman,Tisiphoni, isn't wearing a push up bra with a dress opened deep down front to emphasize her cleaves. Not that there's anything wrong with that either but let's call it what it is, eye candy.

EREVOS' brand of the black leans heavily on Norway 1996/97 with hints of straight up metal, thrash and melodic death metal. That latter influence must be from one of their guitarists, Abraxas, who was once in the Greek blackened death act INCEST IN HEAVEN. (great band name) While going through this band's songs it's more of an endurance test to not make rude facial expressions. "Under the Wings of Thanatos" is more under the influence of DIMMU BORGIR minus the Greek Philharmonic Orchestra of course. Throughout most of Descensus Ad Inferos the keys are in charge of the atmosphere. "Kires" is actually a decent cut for a hard rock number goth-ed out with mild blast beat action. "Kerveros" is somewhat enjoyable but that's about it. I remember some band from last year that I called blackened power metal. Sorry I forgot their name (go figure) but EREVOS is fairly close to that example. They throw everything at you that they carry in their luggage except the keyboardist's panties. Then again I haven't seen em live yet. This is the band's debut full length after being around since 2005. How they missed out on the late 2000's symphonic black metal bandwagon I'll never know. Chances are they will turn out to be huge when they hit the European metal festival circuit.




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