Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scum Video: ANGEL ROT live 2000

ANGEL ROT was guitarist Tom Five's band after leaving WHITE ZOMBIE. The style is the obvious precursor to WHITE ZOMBIE's pre-MTV sound. Here they are live at a Raleigh, NC club called Kings 9-21-2000. That's Gyda Gash, now of JUDAS PRIESTESS, on bass. I was at this gig and the place was dead. Two reasons for that, first off the QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE were playing in Chapel Hill that night which meant that everyone who hung out at this club went to see that other crap. Two this was a real indie rock loser / poser club which preceded hipsters by a few years. Another thing contrary to now popular hype, people (aka: indie rock losers) in the Raleigh, NC area were not into Doom just MTV hype bands.

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