Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PACT - The Dragon Lineage of Satan CD review

PACT - The Dragon Lineage of Satan CD

Moribund Cult

Genre: Black Metal

Well it's a brisk twenty five degrees outside and I'm inside, where it's slightly warmer, blasting some new black metal from the USA. The things I do for the cause. Any way this is not your typical new USBM that gets swooned over by hipster numb nuts. It's actually good since they stay away from the silly avant garde experimentation and stick to the template. The Dragon Lineage of Satan is the debut full length by PACT an act who hail from Pennsylvania but sound like they're Norse. This is not far from Panzer Division era MARDUK territory with it's blitzkrieg assault. From opener "Litany to Satan" to the final salvo of "A Vast Eternity" the PACT are relentless on this forty seven (close enough) minute attack of full on blasting. Most notable on here are Wretch's riffs which sound like one huge pissed off hornet's nest. Also Heg's vocals are truly sick as if his throat has been burned with acid. This is a total hate fest and I love it.



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