Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CRUSHER - Endless Torment CD review

CRUSHER - Endless Torment CD

Total Metal Records

Genre: Thrash

Hailing from the Ukraine we have this three piece thrash outfit who would reign supreme, at a second tier level of course, if it was 1985. They even include a SLAYER cover, "Jesus Saves", just to show you their hearts and minds are in the right decade. If you look them up on Youtube you find live videos of them covering PANTERA and MOTORHEAD as well. Unfortunately we're not in the 1980s and as much as this release shows grit and dirty determination it's still 2012.

CRUSHER are akin to a garage thrash band who will pack a local dive but that's about it. Actually there's nothing wrong with that since where I live there's plenty of local acts who can pack a local club. While on the other hand they couldn't fill a convenient store bathroom when they dare to go out on tour. I'm not gonna mention any names but I've heard how one local act traveled to a major city with a population of over a million and only six people showed up to see them in the club. I'm sure CRUSHER does better than that.



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