Sunday, February 26, 2012

CASKET ROBBERY - Shrouded In Darkness EP review

CASKET ROBBERY - Shrouded In Darkness EP

Self Released

Genre: Death Metal

I had a choice tonight to either blast this band's EP or the new one by TERRORIZER in the purposes of writing a review. What the hell these guys are from the Midwest and they're new while Dave Vincent is a douche so here we go. CASKET ROBBERY, their name conjures up images of a horror punk band clad in Goth make-up and MISFITS t-shirts all purchased at Hot Topic. Fortunately they're not one of those. This band hails from the great Midwest aka: Madison, Wisconsin and would probably beat up the goths. Musically this is the band's second EP and with just four songs to fill a long evening of listening. First off CASKET ROBBERY is not doing your typical brand of DM. Although the bludgeoning factor is there these guys are experimenting with non traditional time signatures, core melodies and industrial beats plus sample additions.

Personally they need to be thinking about how to fill a full length release because true weirdness in death metal is in need. MACABRE can't have all the fun. CASKET ROBBERY is actually a two piece DM act featuring Cory Scheider who performs all the instruments, plugs in the drum machine and his claim to fame is that he was once in a band with a chick lead singer. Dustin Foesch is the vocalist and self described Pabst Blue Ribbon beer drinker. He'd probably shit if he knew who was reviewing his release. Either way I think the name dropping of MACABRE speaks volumes which is more than what's on here. Midwest American death metal bands always have a sickness about em and CASKET ROBBERY follows suit.




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