Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LACERATION - Tortured Inauguration EP review

LACERATION - Tortured Inauguration EP

UKEM Records

Genre: Death Metal

A few years back my favorite metal publication, Terrorizer Magazine, did an issue which showcased all of these new British death metals acts which were erupting from the underground scene. It was their way of saying that the Brits don't receive the same kind of respect that other nations do like Sweden and the US when it comes to death metal. Therefore the mag decided to stick it in their reader's faces. They also included a CD which along with the usual fare had extra tracks of UKDM. I don't have that damm issue at hand right now (it's in a box upstairs). But for some reason I believe this band was on that comp.

Speaking of which this eight song release, Tortured Inauguration, is also a compilation from the band that contains material from a previously released demo and an EP. they also toss in some live tracks just to fill the damm thing up. The British shouldn't feel second rate when it comes to their homegrown death metal acts. They've had some great ones in the past. Bands like LACERATION are their extreme musical future. So listening to this was pretty interesting. First off the band comes off more brutal sounding than what I've come to expect from the Brits. Although LACERATION are not just brutal for the sake of brutality.

As far as this release goes the band stays within the template but adds a few accents of their own. The vocals are varied from your typical low growls to sounds you just can't picture emanating from a human being. Musically you've got your fast face ripping blasts to the slow chugging which sounds like an old truck trying desperately to make it up a hill. Just for the record this is another one man death metal project. Why should all the trust fund babies in the states have all the fun, right? Even though there's no new ground being covered or older areas well re-seeded, I think this is a decent release and hopefully will hear more in the future.




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