Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scum Video: IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Stormgod premier

As with all other Interweb sites who deal in the topic of Metal I get my fair share of videos (basically the same ones every other website gets) sent in to be posted as premier primers for metal fan public consumption. Since this one is from Vimeo you should understand two important things. First off there's probably nudity in it and secondly it's probably better quality than your typical YouTube band video.

I must thank Ilya Goddessraper, guitarist, vocalist and primary songwriter of IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, for sending this in for posting. IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT is a black metal band hailing from New York City. After watching this video some of you might question their actual residence choice since no one in the video looks like they hang out at a typical gentrification neighborhood bar. I know I was, although it is Black Metal people. With the exception of Abbath and Demonaz (as well as those annoying mimes) no one else walks around like that on a daily basis. Also your eyes are not deceiving you since that is a cello being played in the video by IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT band member Amarok Myrvandr.

The song "Stormgod" is from their six song self released 2010 EP Obeisance which I'm sure if you go to the band's Face-Crack page at they will be happy to let you know how to procure one. Their release was produced by Colin Marston of KRALLICE and BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS fame, if name dropping means anything to you. Marston also played session drums on some of the EP's tracks as well. The video itself was directed by Jorge Torres-torres. I have no idea who he is but anyone who includes a mild amount of nudity in a black metal band video, without it being stupid porn, is a great artist in my book.

Watch and enjoy people because it's time to get back in a New York Grim.

Imperial Triumphant - Stormgod from Imperial Triumphant on Vimeo.

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