Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scum News: Razorback Records signs LOATHSOME

How could I not help out a band whose Facebook url has a few 666's in it.

Of course I checked out their music first, I'm not a fuckin boob. So should you if you like, I MEAN REALLY LIKE extreme sounding old school death metal. Go to their Facebook page and give the two songs they have streaming, "Into the Sanatorium" and "Alone in the Woods" a listen.

LOATHSOME was created from a jam session between DECREPITAPH members. (a SFM666 favorite) After several tracks were recorded the band then asked members of KAIJU and WOODENSTAKE (another SFM666 favorite)to add their talents to record the Lepers of the Loathsome demo.

LOATHSOME is currently working on their debut full length which will be released via Razorback Records.

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