Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scum Fun: PENTAGRAM ultra rare Show 'Em How LP sale

Well the first thing I thought was "Holy Crap that looks cool as fuck!" Then I saw the price and figured no way was I gonna blow that much cash (because I'd want two of em)on it. All I can say is good for you Bobby.

For interested parties it's ULTRA RARE-HAS BEEN SOLD OUT FOR MONTHS! Show 'Em How on limited edition ruby red translucent vinyl w/ a custom gatefold cover w/ new artwork.

Email if interested:

Or you can go to Bobby Liebling's Facebook site as well at:

Show 'Em How was never made available in the U.S. and this version was only available on the PENTAGRAM merch table during the last Scandinavian tour. (I kinda missed that one)The LP package includes two large posters: one is 2 feet by 3 feet and full color, the other is 12x12 with never seen black & white photos of the band.

Unlike the original cover, this new cover is embossed and has silver detailing which gives it a very nice "mirrored" effect. Show 'Em How (a very difficult album to get in the first place) will not be reissued in any form. The limited edition LPs we have available are $100 including domestic and international postage. If you choose, Bobby Liebling can autograph and/or personalize your LP to you.

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