Monday, February 13, 2012

Scum Video: IN DEFENCE "Black Metal Mania" Official Video

And now a little satire for Black Metal History Month. Meet IN DEFENCE a crossover band from St. Paul - Minneapolis, Minnesota. IN DEFENCE have a way with wielding satirical themes within their fast chunky blasts. Check out their recent release Party Lines And Politics, available from Profane Existence Records.

They take shots at quite a few poster children with songs like "The Police Are Fuckin' Rad", "Moshelle" (Mosh You To Hell, and of course this one "Black Metal Mania". Lets all be honest here people. There are those in the blackened community who take themselves way too seriously. Now I'm not just talking about Myspace morons, that idiot from LITURGY (who are not Black Metal) or your garden gnome variety hipster retard / indie rock loser who wears a MAYHEM shirt to look risque. I'm referring to those hardcore types who hang out on metal forum sites all day complaining, whining and lying. Yes some of those people really need to get lives based in reality.

Look I love Black Metal. There's no disputing that fact but it doesn't rule my life and I enjoy many other metal genres as well along with other styles of music. I take Black Metal serious to a degree which never goes over board. Of course Black Metal is not alone when it comes to a music genre whose fans take themselves too seriously. Those of you in denial (which is not a river in Egypt) take a good look in the fuckin mirror before you mock the corpse painted grimness. Be that as it may this video is not only great but is needed. Enjoy.

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