Wednesday, February 8, 2012

YOG - Half the Sky CD review

YOG - Half the Sky CD

Division Records

Genre: Grindcore

Prior to giving this Swiss band's release a listen all I knew about what to expect was from the promo info which stated this act is "grind as fuck". Yeah okay well ladies and gentlemen (and you others) let me remind you that there's various aspects to grindcore nowadays. I personally like the style which is steeped within the death metal framework. Others like the pure no holds barred hysteria from its early hardcore beginnings which I definitely remember. Then there is this revised edition of the genre which has a lot of post hardcore and math rock influence. Would you like to guess which designation YOG falls under? Yeah the last one.

YOG are a band who have been around since 2000. That's all the history I know about them. Musically this is a dozen tracks by a band who view extreme aggression on equal terms with breathing. Half the Sky is a serious head-fuck in both speedy technical proficiency as well as pure power violence. It's not music per say. It's more like an endurance test in reacting to intense trauma. The music is blasted and the vocals are basically insane screaming. I always wonder how a vocalist in this type of band sounds the next day after a gig.

Whatever the case these Swiss madmen make no pretensions about their creation other than producing virulent fury. There are times when I think most of this reminds me of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN meets some mid-90s era metalcore act to be named later. (both of which I despise) In all honesty from listening to this (listening? hah!) I'm not a fan of YOG. Actually I hate them. Be that as it may this is most likely going to be one of the most extreme music releases of 2012. Someone needs to call the military and tell them about this audio weapon of mass brain function destruction. If you're in for a thrill you've been warned.




Here's something old from YOG

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