Thursday, February 16, 2012

HARD RIOT - Living on a Fast Lane CD review

HARD RIOT - Living on a Fast Lane CD

Pitch Black Records

Genre: Hard Rock

This reminds me of WHITESNAKE from back in the 80's minus the power ballads and Tawny Kitaen meets NIGHT RANGER plus another pop rock / metal act to be named later (although I doubt it) from that same horrible era. I had to go to this label's website to see if this German band looked like something I would have seen in the back pages of Kerrang circa 1984. They don't but still that doesn't change the fact that Living on a Fast Lane completely embraces the sound of 1980's hard rock / heavy metal in the pop vein. Once in a while they will toss in something palatable, like an ACDC riff or a Klaus Meine vocal melody.

HARD RIOT is a band who sound like they stepped out of a time machine. This eleven song release is a throwback to the MTV / radio friendly days of the early 80s. Even the production, done by someone named Vagelis Maranis, is perfect in recreated quality. Give that guy a cookie. Now don't get me wrong this band is talented. Obviously if you still yearn for those days gone by like the three guys from VH-1's That Metal Show then this is for you. Who needs a tribute act when you've got four guys willing to bust out some new hits. This is definitely for fans only and Tawny Kitaen who's a notorious cougar now when she's outta drug rehab.



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