Sunday, February 19, 2012

NOCTURNAL TORMENT - They Come at Night CD review



Genre: Death Metal

What Hell has the Midwest wrought to have vomited this upon unsuspecting listeners? I was literally knocked back when this thing initiated it's diabolical start. From that point on I was glued to my seat until all fifty minutes of They Come at Night played through. Then I played it again just for fun since I'm into that shit. Indiana's NOCTURNAL TORMENT are not your typical OSDM (old school death metal) revival act. You won't be pummeled once again with INCANTATION left overs or treated to more ENTOMBED tribute band recitals. This band harnesses the good ol' American Midwest death metal spirit (slight flashes of thrash) with some lessons from an old Buffalo, New York gone to Florida act (who still sounds good today) MALEVOLENT CREATION and one technical Dutch DM legend of yore (yore is right cause they ain't of late) PESTILENCE.

Of course much of this band's sound can be attributed to their history. Yes this is NOCTURNAL TORMENT's full length debut but they originally formed in 1988. Prior to that they were a thrash band (hint hint) and then afterwards concentrated on other side band projects (I'm guessing death metal as well). Now with all of that history under their belts this comes forth like the gates of the underworld exploding open and unleashing every fucking nasty bastard from that address. I'm sitting here listening to this screaming "holy fuckin shit"! This is pure fuckin face ripping percussive blasting death metal dammit! Think of everything you like about death metal all combined on one release by one band. They Come at Night is a feast of maniacal vocals, artillery percussion, filth encrusted riffs, and piercing solos. It's progressiveness and old school bluntness joining forces for an almighty battle. Perfection.




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