Friday, February 24, 2012

ABAZAGORATH - Self Titled EP review


NoVisible Scars

Genre: Black Metal

Well here's a band I haven't heard a sound from in ages, although the reason is obviously my own. I have their full length from 1997, Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus, but while I slept they continued on to produce a few more releases. This is their latest release but before I even get into it I must say this. (oh no he's editorializing again) Many in the present day metal music media are clueless to the greatness which was the early days of USBM. I mean most of the crayola scribbled notes by present day scribes in the media never make mention of the black metal acts of yore which came out of places like Texas, Florida, North Carolina or in this band's case, New Jersey in the nineties. By the late nineties the old European black metal guard was mellowing out. In the states you had a handful of really good bands who were playing music which equaled or exceeded what their overseas peers were doing. ABAZAGORATH's Tenebraum Cadent Exsurgemus debuted in 1997 and quickly became a landmark album for USBM.

So here we have their latest release, a simple self titled five song EP. That's as far as the simplicity goes because this surpasses their past release I have easily with intensity born from Europe but honed to perfection here in the states. ABAZAGORATH comes off sounding like a retro fitted version of EMPEROR with the battle hardened ambiance of cascading melodies meeting the pummeled survivors out around the blasted bomb craters in no man's land. Only bassist Nyarlathotep and drummer Warhead have returned from this band's past. Half of the old band is better than one but I must mention how the newest member with a guitar in his hand,
Maelstrom, is incredible. The riffs this man has created are just as savage as the thing on this release's cover. The solo work he adds sounds sick and macabre like. This is raw, melodic black metal which ABAZAGORATH was always known for but there are no keyboards on here. That's definitely a change along with a harsher vocalist in Nihilist.

All in all this EP floored me literally because of it's monstrous sound quality. It starts off with a subtle entrance on the beginning moments of "Conjuring". Twenty five seconds into the instrumental the onslaught has begun. The thing has arrived and loosened upon all the unsuspecting. To me this EP sounds like a concept piece about an apparent demonic summoning gone wrong. Then again the question begs to be asked, is there a right outcome for a demonic summoning? I'll have to look that one up later. While the various cuts on here come forth like detonating artillery explosive ordinance it's the final cut, "Storms of Destruction", which is an absolute masterpiece. Be all of that as it may by the end of the cut I had to have more from this second coming of ABAZAGORATH. Unfortunately all I was left with was a hope that this would not be the last. This self titled EP has set the bar so high for this band that going back to their debut full length would be punishment.




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