Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AUGRIMMER - Nothing Ever Was CD review

AUGRIMMER - Nothing Ever Was CD

Northern Silence

Genre: Black Metal

Here's a German black metal act who actually sound like a German black metal act. Laugh as you might you ignorant unsophisticated fucks but there is a certain sound and style to German black metal. Just like their neighbors who have a unique take on the genre so do the Germans. Take the traditional style, add melody, war like aggression plus an air of orchestral precision and perfect timing. AUGRIMMER are the latest in a regimented group of acts from that nation who can create black metal that has astonishing beauty as well as bestial ferocity.

Nothing Ever Was is this band's second full length and a slight step up from their previous outing, 2009's From the Lone Winters Cold. On here the band's aggression is under control resulting in a more melodic as well as mature sound. There's that Germanic pagan black metal traditionalism flowing throughout the nine cuts (actually 8 cuts an a obligatory opener "Shadows") A few cuts bring forth structured melodies as well as clean guitar soloing usually found in that nation's power metal acts.

Instead of sitting back being transfixed by cold and frosty lines AUGRIMMER offers up the warmth of head banging from a salvo of chunky riffs, galloping rhythms and a few atmospheric breaks in order to catch your breath. Vocalist Satan (yeeesss?) sounds like a younger Attila. There's a classic metal spirit that runs through all of these cuts yet it's still a blackened primordial aura that emanates from this. Nothing Ever Was is beautiful yet malicious like starring into the Black Forest.




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