Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LOUDRAGE - Pungent Roots Demo review

LOUDRAGE - Pungent Roots Demo

Self Released

Genre: Death Metal

I remember this Romanian band sent me their Rage Unleashed EP years ago and even though it wasn't anything new under the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains I still thought it kinda cool. I'd swear they were from Transylvania but my memory could be wrong and I'm not going on a site search. One thing I do remember was a video from their performance at some dive of a club. Their singer, Molester, walks up to the mic stand, rips his shirt off and then the band proceeds to rock out as if they were Eastern Europe's version of OBITUARY or someone close to that effect.

Here we are around three years later and things haven't changed except that there's only three cuts on Pungent Roots. The cover looks disgusting as well. What the fuck is that? I wouldn't stick my fuckin hand in that, I'm telling ya. LOUDRAGE still sound disgusting as ever. Brutally sick and groove laden death metal although I figured they would have something in the long player size, like a full length.



an Oldie but a Goodie

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