Sunday, February 26, 2012

GRIMNESS 69 - The Bridge CD review

GRIMNESS 69 - The Bridge CD

Xtreem Music

Genre: Death Metal / Grindcore

While listening to the opening cut "White Room" along with staring at the cover art work of this release I couldn't help but get this unnerving feeling about the whole thing. GRIMNESS 69 might be a death grind act but their doomish down tuned sensibilities along with the vocalist's affection for inhuman vocal patterns makes listening to this release equal to an uneasy sickness. Hopefully this Italian band doesn't take that last comment in a bad way. I doubt their goal when recording such bestial non-ballads like "Illheaven Hells" or "Chariot of Acrimony" was to leave listeners cheery.

I could also chalk up my present uneasiness to something I ate as well which brings up another subject. Is it safe to listen to this type of extreme ugly music after eating? Maybe not since The Bridge, which is GRIMNESS 69 's third full length since starting out back in 2001, is a sickly affair. While the band's grind parts have been simmered it's the putrid filth of their death metal pedigree which is like poison overwhelming the body. GRIMNESS 69 employs a barrage of complex riffs, tech death structures and beastly growls / screams to entice the healthy into extreme albeit sickly pleasure.

The material on The Bridge is an enticing brutality. Yes I know it sounds weird but there's addictive nature to GRIMNESS 69's sound. Old school sounding death metal brutality meets technical grind proficiency. Although it's nothing new under the sun it can be an intriguing listen for the first half of the album. I kinda missed the purpose of what's going on in the second half. After an instro cut the song patterns seem to be repeated then lost to silence. The album's finale "Doomsday Carillon" is it's saving grace. All in all GRIMNESS 69 are a deadly contagion which could spread to all areas of the world.




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