Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BIIPIIGWAN - God's Hooks CD review


Handshake Inc/Independent Release

Genre: Doom / Sludge

When someone from a label you like and respect tells you a release is "some of the strongest material [they've] heard in a long time" then drops three heavy weight bands from post hardcore, doom and noise rock as comparisons you take it seriously. In this band's case the names dropped in comparison were NEUROSIS, YOB and UNSANE. As someone who has been accused of hyperbole and ridicules hype as easy as breathing, this was one of the few times I shut my attitude off, sat up straight and listened intently.

After a few listens I'd say that this Ottawa, Ontario act's sum is not stolen from the above named bands. On the contrary BIIPIIGWAN are in equal standing with those bands simply because they are heavy as fuck and make an extreme amount of racket. Okay I'm not gonna bullshit you here there's some borrowing going on. Hey come on now purists no one is a saint in extreme music and the further out in left field you go the worse you sound. God's Hooks is clearly on that intense sludgey post hardcore vibe from the first blast on opener "Beaches" to the trudging of closer "B'il Sabab". There's no wasted tracks of the seven on here.

Surprisingly this is a short release since it only travels on for a little over twenty five minutes. Pure intensity is wasted when you drag things on for too long which is what BIIPIGWAN does not do. This is angry stuff here folks with vocals howled by someone caught in a bear trap. Doomy riffs strummed by individuals with hate on their minds and vengeance in their sight. Nothing is over worked from the technical sense in order to impress the pretentious. This is just a raw and emotional slab of perfection.


Label: http://handshakeinc.com/

Bandcamp: http://biipiigwan.bandcamp.com/

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