Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SLEEPY HOLLOW - Skull 13 CD review


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Classic Metal / NWOBHM

Here's a band from an address of which I came into this world. SLEEPY HOLLOW hail from my birth place of New Jersey and are contemporaries of another old "Jersey Steel" act called ATTACKER. (I'm sure they knew VALKYRIE from the late 80's as well) Both bands shared the same vocalist Bob Mitchell. Anyone out there who owns a copy of the compilation Metal Massacre 5 knows the song "(Call On) The Attacker". I know my good friend Andy Miller owns a copy of that one. Not that long ago I was over his place and he played it along with the rest of the Metal Massacre compilations. Also ATTACKER actually had a career.

Yes well SLEEPY HOLLOW originally started out back in 1989 trying to revive the metal music sounds of the late 70's / early 80's. They did manage to get one full length out which was their self titled opus from 1991. For you collector scum that record is one rare slab and there are plenty of bootleg copies of it floating around as well so don't get ripped off on Ebay. Getting back to the story at hand, the band called it quits kinda fast leaving behind something of a cult status legacy. Now after two decades they're back with their second full length and still worshipping at the altars of SAXON, RAINBOW, METAL CHURCH and FATES WARNING.

First off if you remember this band from back in the day and wanna shit a brick then here you go. This is the same line up from 1991 (Bob Mitchell on vocals, guitarist Steve Stegg and drummer Tommy Wassman) with the exception of new bassist Mike LePond who use to play in (holy crap) New Jersey power metal legends, SYMPHONY X. Okay how about shitting two bricks on that one but if you wanna try for three well this new release sounds pretty damm good. I mean if you forget some of the ballad type of material on here then this will surprise you.

Right now there are a slew of young acts out reviving metal's early sound and style. These guys are like their parents who have produced a release which actually sounds equal and fresh as anything from those new jacks. If the production wasn't so modern sounding then this too could be a long lost gem from years ago.



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