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Interview: RAWDOG, not afraid to offend you

I wouldn't call RAWDOG a metal band by any means. The truth is that RAWDOG is a eclectic punk rock act in the vein of some of those old Alternative Tentacles Records artists. Long before punk rock adopted fashion rules, speech codes and a tyranical political ideology which was kept in place by their KGB agents at MRR magazine, punk rock artists were allowed to push the limits as well as invoking satire and self critique upon themselves as well as the scene. RAWDOG simply returns to those days as a one man band.
interview by mr. wolf

SFM666 - When you're writing a song are you trying to come up with lyrics that will be humorous to some and offensive to others on purpose or does it just come out that way?

RD - The lyrics usually come to me in segments. Sometimes I aim to be demented without using profanity and sometimes I love to be crude. I've always had a wild sense of's a byproduct of some personal rebellion against a socially conservative upbringing. While I prefer to make people laugh, if my lyrics offend some uptight people, CONSERVATIVE and LIBERAL, so be it. Most of those people need to be knocked out of their 'ivory towers' anyway.

SFM666 - When did you decide to be a singer / songwriter as opposed to just someone performing as part of a group?

RD - Probably about late 2008 or early 2009. While the other "members" of RAW DOG have contributed to the songwriting/performance of the music, none of them could commit to it full time. This project started with two drunk guys(BIG D and myself), a CASIO keyboard, a cheap Karaoke microphone, and a drum machine. ANA MONZON and ILL BILL also contributed to some songs. But because they all had other bands or obligations, I knew that if the project was gonna have any kind of future, it would be up to me.

SFM666 - The reason I wanted to do this interview was because of an incident I heard about involving an audience member at one of your performances coming up to the stage and demanding you stop playing. What exactly happened?

RD - The crowd was pretty shitty. Most of them didn't "get it". Some dumb redneck jerk-off grabbed my mic stand and started yelling that I was "done" and that it was supposed to be a "family show". There were NO CHILDREN present at the time. I thought the guy was the owner of the club. Turns out he wasn't. Ed (from the band YEA(H) pulled the guy aside and gave me the mic back. That Redneck was kicked out and I played another song.

SFM666 - Was that the first time an audience member actually confronted you about your music?

RD - For some strange reason, it was. After 27 shows in 3 states, this was the first time anyone ever tried to stop me. Most people either "get it" and laugh their asses off or they don't. I've never been "boo-ed" or had my sound cut.

SFM666 - When you played Scumfest a lady friend of mine asked me what you were like musically. I told her you were like a car crash. It's horrible but you've gotta look. She liked it. What do you think about that?

RD - Hahaha! You're the 2nd person to compare my music to a car crash. I'm glad she liked it. The fans make all the sacrifice worthwhile.

SFM666 - Another sick individual from the underground music infamy, King Spo-it of the SPO-ITS likes your material. Are you planning any work with him in the future?

RD - We're playing a show together in Savannah, GA, at The New King's Inn, on April 13th. He's doing his stand-up act and I'm doing my thing. We haven't talked about doing any songs together, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it. We have similar tastes in music. He's a great guy and he's helped me out a bunch. Plus, the SPO-IT'S are awesome!!

SFM666 - When I reviewed your release I believe I compared you to EL Duce, Zoogz Rift, GG and Roky, albeit in a younger form. Are they influences on you?

I like all of those guys. To be honest, I'd never heard of ZOOGZ RIFT until you compared me to him....but now that I've heard part of ISLAND OF LIVING PUKE and FIVE BILLION PINHEADS CAN'T BE WRONG, I'm a fan.

SFM666 - You have gone on a tour of some type right? Was that RAWDOG or were you performing in another band?

RD - I've played out of town shows, but I haven't toured yet. I think the show you're talking about was the one I did with THE MUSSY CLUVES in St. Louis. We wrote a song together called "BLUMPKIN" and performed it there, but we still played separate sets. I do perform in another band though. I play drums and do some vocals for the Durham punk rock band, DEAD TO SOCIETY.

SFM666 - So what plans do you have for RAWDOG in 2012?

RD - I'm currently searching for a record label and a booking agent. I've already got enough material for 2 more albums. I recorded a few songs with THE MUSSY CLUVES last year. BIG D and I plan on recording more stuff next month too. I'm also going to try and perform as much as possible. Despite a few negative reactions, most of the responses I've gotten have been positive, I've had women tell me they loved it and I've even had some fans buy me drinks on occasion. That tells me there's an audience out there for me....I just gotta build it.

SFM666 - How can people order your CD?

They can contact me at I've got at least 400-450 copies of the new album, PROUD TO BE WEIRD/PROUD TO BE WHITE TRASH, that I'm giving away. But because of limited funds, I may have to ask for postage. People can also download my songs at I've got some stuff up there that isn't on either of our 2 albums and I've got more to add if people request it.

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