Sunday, February 5, 2012

VENDETTA - Feed the Extermination CD review

VENDETTA - Feed the Extermination CD

Massacre Records

Genre: Thrash

When it comes to Teutonic Thrash, VENDETTA were always the good brother compared to their blackened thrash brethren. They had their heyday back in the late 80s with two like able releases but failed to keep going into the 90s. Then in 2007 the band, original guitarist Frank Scholch and bassist Klaus Ullrich, returned with a new drummer and vocalist in tow to release their comeback album HATE. Obviously they were trying to catch some coattails since the neo-thrash revival was just starting out. Unfortunately that release blew because it was a band trying to reclaim their past glory (what little it was) yet only putting out some mediocre material.

Welcome to part two of another mediocre attempt at trying to grab some rejuvenated glory. I'm not gonna fault singer Mario Vogel, who replaced former vocalist Achim Homerlein aka: Daxx prior to 2007's Hate, since the guy is just trying his best to copy his predecessor. It's the songs on here which simply are not that explosive. One huge surprise is that Dan Swano produced this thing. I'm guessing he was sleeping in the chair since this sounds closer to a demo then the type of releases he's known to have worked with. I'm not talking about the sound quality here people. I'm talking about the ten lackluster cuts on Feed the Extermination which even a less experienced band new neo-thrash act would not have made.




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