Friday, February 3, 2012

NOMINON - Manifestation of Black EP review

NOMINON - Manifestation of Black EP

Deathgasm Records

Genre: Death Metal

In my not so humble opinion NOMINON are one of Sweden's best death metal exports who started out after the initial explosion. Remember people the band started out in the early nineties releasing demos from 1993 to the end of the decade. Their debut full length, the amazing and essential Diabolical Bloodshed, didn't come out till 1999. At that time the metal music media was hyping bands who were influenced by the ghetto and jumped around on stage as if they had gerbils up their rectums. (aka: nu-metal / rap metal) Maybe if you missed that one maybe you should go back and check it out. Don't stop there either since all four of this band's full lengths (yeah you can throw in their short form releases as well) are amazing if not essential to any death metal demon. That's why I am looking forward to NOMINON's as-of-yet untitled new full length release expected to come out sometime in 2012. As for now this will do.

For all of you out there who are fans (and potential new ones) you will understand that this band's EPs are like mere crumbs of substance to the starving throng who are willing to kill for the full loaf. We know that these two cuts, "Manifestation of Black" and "Burnt Human Offering" are going to be on the new full length. Hell any one of them would make a great title cut as well. Both cuts are great since they hold true to this band's murky dark death blows. NOMINON were never really clones of their nation's death metal peers. In fact I've always considered them that foil between the pure old school sound and the melo-death which started in 1993.

Either way these cuts are great and on here we get introduced to the new line-up (yes again). basically the biggest change is in new vocalist Henke Skoog from one of Sweden's new OSDM sounding acts EVISCERATED. Longtime main man and guitarist (now on bass) Juha Sulasalmi has found another way to keep this act going strong. Great death metal stands the test of time it also helps when you bring in new blood enthused with noxious bile as well. Yes I'm bias but at least I'm bias about good bands like NOMINON as opposed to




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