Thursday, February 16, 2012

ON TOP - Top Heavy CD review

ON TOP - Top Heavy CD

HPGD Productions

Genre: Heavy Metal

"Hello Philadelphia we are ON TOP and we're here to rock your world!" Yeah I'm sure that's been yelled from a South Philly bar's stage a few times by this act. If you haven't already guessed ON TOP are from the place I affectionately call Hostile City USA aka: Philadelphia, PA. But I won't hold these guys back by calling them just a South Philly bar band. I'm sure they've done the whole Wilmington, Delaware, Upper Darby and Lehigh Valley, PA nightclub circuit. ON TOP are a proto thrash meets Ted Nugent sounding trio whose goal is to bring 80's metal nostalgia in your face.

Top Heavy is their debut album and just from that above mentioned standpoint alone yeah it's decent. This sounds more like a self produced demo than an actual full length. Then again if you're cruising down the mainstreet of your local burg in the Nova with the music blasting to impress the chicks who cares right. Of course they have all the 1980's tribute band attributes working for em. They've got a guitarist who can rip a decent solo, a hard pounding drummer and a bassist who can also slip in a solo as well as keep a rhythm. The vocals are what remind me of the Nuge which are sung by the bassist.

When it comes to this modern day revival of vintage 80's metal, ON TOP are not far from what CAULDRON are doing. Don't expect a variety of sounds when blasting this one. Then again that is what it all was about back then. Loud blasting sounds, edgy vocals, wild guitar soloing and hot young chicks in front of the stage pulling up their shirts which unfortunately you don't see anymore. I'm talking about that last part of course. Plus they've already got their radio approved hit with "Into the Night".




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