Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scum News: UKEM Records announce its third release

UKEM Records has announced that their third release will be another compilation CD.
Following the massive success of their first release, DISCIPLES OF EXTREMITY Vol.1 (a 19 bands compilation CD - SOLD OUT!!!), and their second release, LACERATION - TORTURED INAUGURATION (Brutal Death Metal digi-pack release - OUT NOW!!) the label is releasing a 13 bands compilation CD featuring some of the UK's best Black Metal acts.

Bands appearing on the CD are: PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE, EASTERN FRONT, OLD CORPSE ROAD, HAAR, HELVELLYN, ULFARR, NINKHARSAG, SACRELIGIOUS THRONE, IMMORTAL EMPIRE, HEXEN, TWO RAVENS, SERMON, BLUTVIAL. Great bands covering many aspects of the Black Metal genre, from suicidal depressive Black Metal all the way through to wartorn brutal Black Metal!!

Follow the link for a taste of what to expect:

Official: http://ukem.ucoz.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ukemrecords

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