Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NEKROMANTHEON - Rise, Vulcan Spectre CD review

NEKROMANTHEON - Rise, Vulcan Spectre CD

Indie Recordings

Genre: Thrash

On the surface this looks like an OBLITERATION side project since it contains two of their members; Arild "Arse" Myren Torp on guitar and Sindre Solem on bass. Both of them contribute on vocals. The band is rounded out on drums with Christian Holm who was once in another thrash act AUDIOPAIN. The truth is that this is just a side band that's been around close to as long as OBLITERATION has. This is basically their other band which since 2007 has put out an EP, two splits and a full length in 2010. I never heard any of their previous releases but since I get material from Indie Recordings on a regular basis, lets start here.

Although NEKROMANTHEON call Norway home the band's sound is heavily influenced by Teutonic and US thrash. I'm hearing KREATOR and lots of SLAYER coming from this trio which is not a bad thing. Who doesn't get into the nostalgic mood whenever these thrash revivalist bands plug in and turn it up. NEKROMANTHEON are not clean and pretentious like some acts from the neo thrash revival from a few years back. (yes it's over dammit) No these guys sound filthy and evil the way it should. The rhythms are fast, the soloing cutthroat and the vocals low as well as deathly. Is it perfection? No since after a few plays the influences from the past tend to jump out. If you were a thrash nube then this would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. As for veterans like myself yeah it's cool to see the kids are alright.




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