Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AZAGHAL - Nemesis CD review

AZAGHAL - Nemesis CD

Moribund Cult

Genre: Black Metal

Last year when I saw this was an upcoming release on the Moribund website (which is like a candy store for black metal fanatics) I knew what to expect and that I was going to like it a lot. From the opening salvo which is "In Deathlike Silence", it's like being stripped naked and thrown into the North Sea. Yes AZAGHAL, legends to many true believers since they've been around since the late 90's, have returned with yet another great full length. Like I always remind people it's the Finnish who push the envelope when it comes to Northern European black metal brutality. On Nemesis this band envelops you in a cold terror as virulent as ever.

For some people (re: losers) AZAGHAL's latest will not be progressive enough for their "forward thinking" tastes. I almost fell out of my chair and onto the floor laughing after typing that line. The fact is songs like "Hail the Whore", "Satanic Devotion" and my favorite from this new one "Black Legions of Satan" will not be on any liberal minded music fan's playlist. That's a good thing in that those types of people are supposed to be frightened or worse underwhelmed by the music we extreme types love. AZAGHAL plays in a formula which at times is crushing like an avalanche or thrashing with the rage of a berzerker. I've like everything they've ever released. Guess what, this goes into the collection because of consistency.




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