Monday, February 13, 2012

Scum News: Handshake Inc. VHS Series debuts

“Handshake Inc. VHS Series” debuts - Limited Run Films, Shorts and Albums on VHS, Packed in Dirt.

A series of films, albums and experimental film work lovingly transferred to VHS from their digital masters. Uber-limited, one-of-a-kind, rectangular pieces of art, hand numbered and guaranteed to kill your ennui right in the face.

Handshake Inc., the film and music video production company behind the ‘Maryland Deathfest the Movie,’ franchise, Pentagram’s live DVD “When the Screams Come,” and the forthcoming four-hour film “The Executioniz Comes Tomorrow: Jucifer live at Call the Office,” has announced the launch of its ‘VHS Series,’ a collection of films, experimental shorts and albums on VHS.

Each title in the series will be issued in ultra limited quantities of 3, hand numbered, and packed in a box of dirt stolen from director David Hall’s neighbor’s garden.

“Anyone who collects vinyl, knows the joy of holding a record in your hands, examining its jacket and artwork, and the pure, materialistic bliss of not just listening to music, but possessing it,” said Handshake Inc. founder David Hall from his London, Ontario office. “I hope to create the same sensation with my series of films and albums on VHS - a scenario where one can enjoy the packaging of a film almost as much as the film itself.”

Hall will also be creating a number of new films and experimental video work to accompany albums by select bands, also for release on VHS. So far, Sulaco’s “Build and Burn,” and Total Fucking Destruction’s “Hater” are set for the VHS Album treatment.

For the launch of the VHS series, Hall has created five new experimental shorts: ‘VHS Red1,” VHS Blue1,” “VHS Orange1,” “VHS Love is the Enemy,” and “VHS Time.” Each short described by Hall as “disturbing canvases of time, color and sound.”

Also a part of the series, the Today is the Day film is of Eden the Feature Film,” and Hall’s first independently produced feature “The Romance is Dead, (2006)” will be made available for the first time on physical media. Non VHS copies of “Axis of Eden the Feature Film,” can be purchased at Today is the Day’s recently launched and revamped website


Watch the premiere of “No Lung Baby” - a scene and the song - from “Axis of Eden the Feature Film,” by Today is the Day, at Brooklyn Vegan, and watch clips from the VHS series on Handshake’s newly created “VHS Series Preview Channel” at

For a full list of all titles available for purchase in the Handshake Inc. VHS Series, please visit

Handshake Inc., was started in 2008 by David Hall and has since produced music videos for Today is the Day, Fuck the Facts, Sigh, Hail of Bullets, Brutal Truth, Jucifer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Rottenness. Handshake has also produced films for Today is the Day, Fuck the Facts, and, the Maryland Deathfest the Movie Franchise. In October of 2011, Hall launched a record label division of Handshake, with Catharsis PR’s Kim Kelly, focusing on digital and vinyl albums, the first release being Sulaco’s “Build and Burn.” This May, Hall will return to Baltimore to film the final installment of the Maryland Deathfest Movie, ‘Maryland Deathfest the Movie: 3.

In the meantime watch these

"Contempt" - Jucifer from Handshake Inc on Vimeo.

"Free At Last" Today is the Day from Handshake Inc on Vimeo.

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